CoSN events are designed to engage technology leaders in topics specific to common challenges, emerging trends, and best practices. They also provide opportunities for individuals to network and share ideas with peers, companies, and presenters. Join us to see first-hand what makes CoSN so unique.

CoSN Annual Conference

March 12-15, 2018, Washington, DC

Online Courses

We now offer courses that will target the skill areas you need to excel. This offering is great for busy professionals who want to be able to sharpen their skills on their own time, and from anywhere.  

CETL Courses and Exams

The CETL Foundation Study Courses are offered throughout the year in self-study, facilitated and live formats. Exam information may be accessed here.


Experts from around the country dive into key ed tech issues in our interactive webinar series (free for CoSN members!). Access our webinar archives for past discussions.

CTO Clinics®

Delivered in conjunction with CoSN state chapters, CTO Clinics serve as local professional development conferences. Registration is free for at least one person from each current member organization; reduced member rates apply for additional attendees.

CTO Forums

CTO Leadership Forums are held twice a year (at CoSN's and ISTE's Annual Conferences) and provide opportunities for technology directors to keep up-to-date on best practices. CTO Forums are free, but registration is required.

Teaming for Transformation

This hybrid professional development opportunity follows in the footsteps of the highly successful previous TFT initiatives with a site visit and continued collaboration via an online community.

Feedback Focus Groups

District CTOs, Superintendents, Curriculum Directors and Instructional Leaders choose programs, solutions, and products to make a positive impact on student achievement, access, and district-wide operations and services. In this Feedback Forum, we’ll ask CTOs what kinds of support they need and expect from their technology and content vendors to make decisions, evaluate potential impacts, and fulfill their commitments for accountability and performance. We’ll ask about the role of case studies, longitudinal and secondary research. We’ll talk through the evaluation of “impact” at each stage of the buying and implementation cycles. We’ll get the inside story about the ways technology, service, and content providers can continually communicate and prove the impacts of their products to retain customers and we’ll hear first-hand how district leaders and innovators define and use “impact” to support their planning, purchasing and strategic decisions. 

Next Feedback Focus Group: Data Privacy & Security: The New Imperatives - June 27, 2017. Learn more