CoSN Strategic Plan

four interlocking jigsaw puzzle pieces labled: vision, mission, services, core beliefs

Our new strategic plan positions CoSN as the only national professional association dedicated exclusively to the education technology leaders who are working to transform learning.

Technology is an essential part of this transformation, enabling and accelerating the kind of personalized, responsive, and forward-looking teaching and learning that will foster 21st century competencies. Learn more about how CoSN is advancing this transformation through its vision, mission, services, goals, and core beliefs.

Education technology leaders are critical catalysts for this transformation. They must design and sustain reliable and coherent infrastructure that accommodates a wide array of digital content and tools—increasingly selected by teachers and students themselves—and that anticipates next-generation technologies. They must develop sound policies and procedures for optimal and responsible uses of these technologies. They must build support within their districts and communities for education technology and the kinds of transformative teaching and learning that it enables, and they must work to ensure equitable access to technology-rich learning experiences for all students, inside and outside the classroom.

CoSN is the only national professional association dedicated exclusively to the education technology leaders who are working to transform learning.

Our Goals for 2016-2019

  • ESSENTIAL SKILLS: Build the essential technology skills that all education leaders will need to be successful.
  • FUNDAMENTAL REQUIREMENTS: Identify and promote fundamental requirements for the equitable and effective use of technology in next-generation learning environments.
  • ADVOCACY: Advance policies that provide sustainable and substantial investment in the technology to power next-generation learning environments.
  • ORGANIZATIONAL CAPACITY: Expand CoSN’s capacity to provide thought leadership and exemplary service to chapters and members.

Our Vision

We envision a world where the unique potential of individual learners is fully realized and where education is transformed and improved through visionary, strategic technology leadership.

Our Mission

CoSN empowers educational leaders to leverage technology to create and grow engaging learning environments.

Our Services

CoSN provides diverse professional advancement opportunities, high-quality resources, an engaged community of peers, and essential, timely information about developments in education technology.

Our Core Beliefs

  • Technology is a critical tool to personalize learning.
  • Technological fluency allows children to be prepared for the world of today and tomorrow.
  • Equitable and ubiquitous access to technology is a necessity.
  • Technology enables innovation in our educational systems, which results in greater efficiencies and productivity.
  • Global connections are vital to transforming the education process and improving learning.
  • The primary challenge we face in using technology effectively is human.
  • Technology will transform learning only with strong leadership and vision.

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