Ed Tech Next Reports

Ed Tech Next reports are periodic publications which examine hot emerging technologies ranging from data to infrastructure to green computing. Designed for busy professionals, these reports provide quick snapshots of a rapidly changing field, giving you succinct summaries of the issues as well as discussion questions or case studies to guide your thinking. This report series is consistently rated as one of our most valuable member benefits.

The Latest Report

Students as Digital Creators explores the ways in which K–12 schools everywhere are carving out space in their buildings and curriculum to empower students as storytellers, artists, performers, designers, engineers, coders, gamers, inventors, builders, producers, innovators, and entrepreneurs. The report offers expert perspectives on why and how to foster digital creativity—and profiles leading districts, communities and educators engaged in this maker movement. Download it today!
Past Ed Tech Next Reports Include:
  • Identity and Access Management: Fundamentals for Securing Student Data and Privacy (2015)
  • Dimensions in Learning: Visualizing, Designing, and Making in 3D (2015)
  • Learning Analytics: Using Data to Personalize Teaching and Learning (2014)
  • Small Screens, Big Plans: Building Mobile into your Content Application and Strategy (2014)
  • Security and Privacy of Cloud Computing (2013)
  • Online Communities of Practice: Ecosystems for Professional Growth (2012)
  • Safe and Secure? Managing the Risk of Personal Devices (2012)
  • Flexile Mobile Platforms (2012)
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