IT Leadership Survey

Since the education technology profession is constantly evolving, CoSN conducts its IT Leadership survey annually. The survey provides valuable information about how education leaders are leveraging technology and paints a picture of potential changes in the field. Look to us for your comprehensive overview of technology trends, challenges, and priorities! The results of the survey will inform the decisions we make to serve our members going forward. Our IT Leadership survey is sponsored by SchoolDude and conducted in partnership with MDR.

Over the past decade, ed tech professionals have transformed themselves from IT specialists into strategic leaders whose work plays a critical role in all aspects of education. We're excited to see what the next decade has in store!

The 2014 IT Leadership Survey is now available.

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NEW: IT Leadership and Gender

Recent media attention has focused on the under-representation of women in high-tech fields and raised questions about gender representation in the K-12 sector. To contribute to that conversation, we dove back into our survey data to see what information we had gathered about gender. The data revealed several interesting gender discrepancies, some of which parallel industry-wide trends. Download the free analysis below to learn more.

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So What's Changed Since Last Year? What's Stayed the Same?

1. Although budget constraints remained a significant challenge, there was some good news: 34% of respondents saw their budgets increase this year (compared to 19% last year).

2. Assessment readiness remains a top priority for leaders; mobile learning and wireless access have taken on new importance since last year.

3. BYOD programs have fallen on the priority list, likely because they're better-established now than they were a year ago.

4. The 3 biggest challenges facing CTOs remained the same: budget and resource limitations, changing the culture of teaching, and breaking down district-wide barriers.

5. Fewer than 18% of CTOs believe that their districts are entirely ready for the online assessments coming next year.

6. Last year's survey showed that IT leadership is remarkably stable: unlike superintendents, a majority of CTOs have been in their positions for 6+ years. However, a full 50% of current CTOs plan to retire in the next 10 years and more than half of them are unaware of any succession plan, threatening future instability for the profession.

7. A higher proportion of this year's respondents came from education backgrounds, not technology backgrounds (48% vs. 43% last year). 

8. 62% of respondents said that the size of their IT staff has not changed over the past year, despite the fact that many of them report being understaffed.

9. While IT staff remained the same, most school districts (77%) saw their number of technology assets/devices increase.


10. Nearly 72% of respondents were familiar with CoSN's Certified Education Technology Leader (CETL) program, a strong showing up from 50% last year.

11. CTOs are just as busy and multitalented as ever!

Want to compare the two years in more depth? Access a full copy of last year's survey report or check out a short webinar on key 2012-13 survey findings.