CoSN staff members in our Washington, DC office support membership and initiatives, and are responsible for providing a variety of member services, program and initiative implementation, as well as financial and administrative support.

Keith R. Krueger
Chief Executive Officer

Keith R. Krueger, CAE, serves as CoSN’s chief staff officer overseeing all CoSN activities and works with Board of Directors to set strategy and vision; serves on the CoSN Board of Directors and Executive, Personnel and Finance Committees; works with the CTO Council, Emerging Technologies, international activities, Nominations & Bylaws, Awards, Meetings & Events, Technical & Standards Committee and Policy Committees. Keith has an MA in Communications from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota and a BA in political science from the George Washington University.

Chief Strategy Officer

Irene Spero leads corporate sponsorship and corporate membership recruitment and fulfillment efforts; oversees work of leadership Initiatives; helps with securing support for the CTO clinics; serves as staff liaison to the CoSN Corporate Council, Policy and Auction Committees; manages CoSN’s Strategic Planning efforts and strategic positioning; oversees communications and supports advocacy and policy work; and works on federal and state policy and advocacy, including the annual Auction/Dinner. She serves as staff liaison to the Task Force on Diversity & Next Generation.  Irene has a BA in political science from Bryn Mawr College and an MA in Public Law from Columbia University.

Chief Operating Officer

Robert Duke, CAE, is responsible for membership services, certification, professional advancement, conferences, peer review, human resources, financial management and administration. He serves as staff liaison to the Finance Committee, Personnel Committee and the Institutional Services Committee.  Robert holds an MBA from the College of William and Mary and a BA from Hampden-Sydney College.

Director of Professional Advancement

Marci Giang manages professional advancement activities for CoSN which includes all development and management of self-study, facilitated and live training courses, as well as our webinar series. Marci is also responsible for managing CoSN’s leadership initiatives. She serves as staff liaison to the Professional Advancement Committee and the CTO Council.  Marci received her Master of Arts in Teaching from American University in Washington, DC and an undergraduate degree in Government and International Relations from the University of Virginia.

Director of Meetings and Conferences

Mindy coordinates all aspects of the CoSN Annual Conference and all logistics for CTO Clinics.

Director of Membership and Chapters

Brian Calvary, CAE, is responsible for the strategic direction and management of membership, and chapter relations of CoSN. He serves as staff liaison to the Awards Committee, the School (independent, charter and religious schools) Committee,  Task Force on Building CoSN Value in Western States (in prep of 2019 Annual conf in Portland), and the Small District and Large School District Committees.  Prior to joining CoSN, Brian was the Engagement Manager at HR People + Strategy, and the Membership Director at the Greater Washington Society of CPAs (GWSCPA). Brian has an MA and a BA from the George Washington University.

Director of Certification (Contractor)

Morgean Hirt, ACA manages all certification-related activities for CoSN which includes all test development, CETL program and policy management, candidate and certificant communications, exam administration and all recertification activities.  Morgean serves as staff liaison to the Certification Governance Committee and its eight committees and task forces.  Morgean has twenty-five years of association management experience, nearly all of it with certification and accreditation organizations.  Morgean received her undergraduate degree in English and Education from Boston College.

Director of Marketing and Communications

Susanne Connors Bowman, CAE is the CoSN Director of Marketing and Communications.  Sue is responsible for the marketing and promotion of all of CoSN’s products, programs and services.  Prior to joining CoSN, Sue was Director of Marketing & Membership for the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), a membership/marketing consultant in the non-profit community and Director of Insurance Services for AARP.  Sue holds a Music History and Theory Degree from West Virginia University.

Senior Accounting Manager

Sandy Nguyen is responsible for human resources, financial management and administration. Sandy holds an a BA in Management Information Systems from the University of Houston.

Communications Manager

Jackie develops the member newsletter, CoSN Connect, manages the distribution of email messaging to members and CoSN social media messages. Additionally, Jackie maintains the CoSN website. Previously she served as the Membership Coordinator. Jackie has a BA from the University of Maryland.

Mohamed Fadul
Staff Accountant

Mohamed Fadul serves as Staff Accountant for CoSN and he is responsible for for financial reporting, recording the daily cash inflows and outflows and general bookkeeping. Mohamed is a recent graduate of American University with a Master’s of Science in Finance. In addition to receiving his masters, he also has a BA and plans to sit for the CPA exam.

Sofia Losada
Chapter Relations Specialist

Sofia Losada assists the Director of Membership and Chapters in providing direct Chapter support. Sofia also manages the online community. Prior to joining CoSN, she worked as an English Language Assistant as part of the Study, Intercultural Training and Experience (SITE) Program in Milan, Italy. Sofia has a BA from George Mason University.

Teneisha Brown
External Relations Coordinator

Teneisha Brown serves as The External Relations Coordinator for CoSN. Teneisha works closely with Irene Spero (CSO) and Mindy Halpert (Conference Manager) in tracking, implementing, and fulfilling CoSN’s comprehensive sponsorship program and events; providing assistance to ensure efficacy of existing sponsorship programs.  

Membership Coordinator

Peter Faust is responsible for managing member access to CoSN resources. Peter is responsible for managing the Netforum database. Peter has a BA from the Ohio State University.