Ed Tech Next report: Instant Messaging: Conversation, Collaboration--and Education
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  2007 ETN Report: Instant Messaging 

Teens view e-mail as something you use to talk to old people, institutions, or to send complex instructions to large groups. Instant messaging (IM) has become the digital communication backbone of teens’ daily lives. IM is real-time and is changing the nature of conversation, communication and collaboration. There are legitimate concerns about IM, such as the potential for online bullying or cliques. But the benefits — including student participation and engagement, teamwork and collaboration, and the use of technology to support 21st century teaching and learning — may far outweigh the concerns. This report cites some examples of use of IM in school settings, addresses technical considerations and provides a set of FAQs, such as to the question, “What are the policy considerations for districts or schools interested in using IM?”  For more information on the Ed-Tech Next Series, please click here.