Smart IT: Strategic Technology Planning & Management

Technology leaders are constantly working to strategically plan and manage IT investments. CoSN works to provide tools and resources that focus on sustainable computing, total cost of ownership, value of investment, and budget management. CoSN is grateful for the following sponsors for their support of this initiative: Amplify, Filewave, JAMF Software, Pearson, and Sprint.

SmartIT's most recent resource will help guide you through the process of planning and managing a budget under fiscal constraints, with special focuses on: demonstrating a return on investment (ROI); saving money through sustainable practices; connecting and aligning financial leadership; and tips for the coming school year. 

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Our new SmartIT Leadership Guide provides tips and suggestions for strategic positioning of IT including IT operations effectiveness, funding sources, and practical tools. 


SmartIT reflects the ongoing priority for technology leaders to strategically plan and manage IT investments rather than focusing on quick fixes and short term solutions. SmartIT helps you respond confidently to budget challenges with tools and resources that focus on:

  • Student Outcomes & Budget Management: Making technology core to the teaching and learning mission to increase student achievement even in the face of restrictive budgets. 
  • Total Cost of Ownership: Understanding the direct and indirect costs of implementing and maintaining devices, using those costs to articulate the effects of proposed changes and to reduce operational costs.
  • Key Performance Indicators: Benchmarking IT budget and performance in comparison with other school systems and over time in order to better respond to overall student and staff needs.
  • Value of Investment: Evaluating proposed projects through cost/benefit analyses to understand and articulate the projects in terms that allow stakeholders to understand the value of the investment.
  • Sustainable Computing: Protecting the environment, reducing waste, and lowering district energy expenditures through responsible computer purchasing, energy use, disposal, and use of computers. 


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