CETL® Ambassadors

CoSN CETL® Ambassadors Help School Districts Build Human Capacity
What are the skills and knowledge a technology leader must have to lead a district's transformation to a 21st century learning environment? A Certified Education Technology Leader (CETL®) fills the bill. Earning the CETL® credential demonstrates that you are capable of defining the visions for and successfully building 21st century learning environments. The CETL® credential is being used by knowledgeable districts in hiring and promotion of technology leaders and decisions about who to include in district cabinet level discussions.

CoSN CETL® Ambassadors

Achieving the CETL® credential is an important career milestone. Congratulations to you! You are the best advocates to encourage your colleagues to take the CETL® exam and urge superintendents to require it in hiring. CoSN is inviting you, as part of this elite group, to serve as an “ambassador” by reaching out to and supporting other CTOs in their pathway to becoming CETLs and by providing district leaders with the support they need to enable 21st century learning.

My Role as a CETL® Ambassador

The CoSN CETL®Ambassador Program is designed to spread the word about the importance of certification to CTOs nationwide. As an Ambassador, you can support the program by choosing three of the following options:

  • Recruit one new CETL® candidate each year
  • Speak at one event each year to expand the visibility of CETL®
  • Teach a module in the CETL® Immersion Course
  • Participate in the Annual CETL® Summit
  • Serve as a CETL® examination proctor
  • Prepare a testimonial that can be used for presentations and in CoSN outreach
  • Write a blog about the CETL® experience
  • Develop a video about your experiences and the changes that CETL® has made in your career
  • Respond to questions about preparing for the examination and the advantages of CETL®

Other ideas? Let us know how you would like to expand the message as an Ambassador on your application form. To acknowledge your role as an Ambassador, CoSN will:

  • Recognize you on the CoSN website, www.cosn.org, which received almost 436,000 visits last year
  • Invite you to a VIP event at the CoSN Annual Conference
  • Provide a digital badge for you to put on your website or use as part of your email signature block

To be considered for CoSN's CETL® Ambassador program, please complete the application form here (Note: You must be logged in to apply).

Questions about the CoSN Ambassador Program? Please contact us.