Connected Learning

The use of mobile devices and social media in schools is critical for the creation of a participatory learning environment for children. In this environment, students are invited to collaborate, connect with peers and educators/adults inside and outside of the classroom, and integrate digital media for innovative thinking. We help school districts create a connected learning environment through resources, best practices, and lessons learned in policy implementation.

Today’s learning environment has dramatically changed with increasing ubiquitous access to technology and informal learning extending well beyond the classroom walls. A student-centered and digitally enabled learning environment is essential to improving student achievement.

Collaborating with district technology leaders, CoSN produced the following resources and tools to support school districts as they implement practices and policies to create an innovative, digital learning environment.

7 Keys to Unlocking School Transformation with Digital Media

District leaders from this project contributed to a paper that describes seven key points on transforming a school’s learning environment with technology. Their practical examples, lessons learned, and insights on these key points could help peers in other districts make progress with their own efforts to reimagine learning with digital media. This is the latest resource consisting of peer-to-peer best practices in transforming learning.

Rethinking Acceptable Use Policies to Enable Digital Learning: A Guide for School Districts

The current educational context is characterized by expanded ownership of mobile devices and increased number of interactive and collaborative applications and sites on the Internet. The purpose of this guide is to assist school districts in rethinking their acceptable use policy that is appropriate to this context. This CoSN policy guide addresses eight big questions that school districts are facing as they develop or re-evaluate their acceptable use policies on digital media.

Making Progress: Rethinking State and School District Policies Concerning Mobile Technologies and Social Media

In December, 2011, CoSN convened representatives from state and national organizations to a workshop in Washington, D.C. to discuss the challenges that district leaders are facing as they develop school policies on the use of mobile technologies and social media for instructional purposes. The goal of the workshop was to develop a resource to assist educational leaders and policymakers in developing sound and practical policies for our increasingly connected learning environment. This document, which resulted from the workshop, is not intended as a prescriptive policy statement; rather, its purpose is to help inform policymakers and educators as they develop or reconsider policies addressing new digital media in the context of improved learning.


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