CoSN Announces Call for Presentations for 2013 Annual Conference: “Audacious Leadership”

Deadline for Submissions: Monday, July 16, 2012, 4:00 PM EDT
Washington, DC
Monday, June 18, 2012

Washington, DC (June 18, 2012) – The Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) today announced that it is accepting presentations for its 18th Annual Conference, themed “Audacious Leadership.” CoSN is accepting submissions related to the conference’s theme now until the July 16, 2012, deadline. CoSN’s 2013 Annual Conference will take place March 11-13, 2012, at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel in San Diego, CA.

“Despite technology’s rapidly growing use throughout society and across industry sectors, school districts are leveraging and incorporating digital resources into classrooms too slowly,” said Jean Tower, Conference Chair, and Director of Technology, Public Schools of Northborough & Southborough, MA. “We need bold and daring leaders to clearly define a new vision, build 21st century learning environments and use technology as a transformative tool. It is through such ‘audacious leadership’ that only then will districts nationwide be able to truly transcend teaching and learning.”

The conference program will comprise more than 50 educational sessions focused on the many ways in which educators can boldly lead in an ever-changing technology landscape. The three-day conference will also afford participants an opportunity to share ideas and discuss some of the key issues facing school decision-makers in their quest to lead and innovate.

All submissions must adhere to the “Call for Presentations” guidelines, which surround the inclusion of CoSN’s Framework of Essential Skills and the guiding focus questions for this year’s theme. The guidelines – crafted to improve learning experiences for conference attendees – are key factors in the grading process. Individuals representing school districts, educational service agencies, state agencies and non-profit organizations are welcome to submit a proposal. For further instructions, please review the FAQs on the CoSN website at

The “Essential Skills” are: Leadership and Vision; Strategic Planning; Ethics and Policies; Instructional Focus and Professional Development; Team Building and Staffing; Stakeholder Focus; Information Technology Management; Communication Systems Management; Business Management; and Data Management.

For complete information on submission criteria and on how to submit a proposal, please visit

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