CoSN Updates Tools to Help Education Leaders Evaluate the Value of Technology Investments

Washington, DC
Monday, May 14, 2012

Washington, DC (May 14, 2012) – The Consortium for School Networking (CoSN), as part of its K-12 Value of Investment (VOI) Initiative, is now offering refreshed Value of Investment (VOI) Methodology and Tools. Designed to help school leaders determine the costs and benefits of proposed projects, the VOI Methodology and Tools are proven resources for evaluating, articulating, selling and sustaining technology endeavors in districts nationwide.

“Many school systems lack the necessary cost-benefit analysis tools to properly evaluate and execute education technology projects,” said CoSN CEO Keith Krueger. “These revamped, easy-to-use resources will enable school leaders to project benefits with an emphasis on realizing educational goals and outcomes in a cost-efficient way.”

The updated VOI Methodology and Tools specifically include a Return on Investment (ROI) resource and cost/benefit tools that:

  • Estimate the financial impact of a proposed project;
  • Determine the total cost of ownership; and
  • Outline a project’s qualitative benefits in support of a school’s mission to educate and maximize student potential.

To simplify the evaluation process, the VOI methodology provides separate steps for determining ROI, evaluating costs and benefits of a single project and scoring multiple projects that compete for funding. In addition, the refreshed resources offer school and district leaders further guidance through a VOI Assessment Action Plan and a newly published “CoSN Value of Investment Project Evaluation Guide.”

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