A Deeper Dive Into the 2013 Horizon Report

CoSN Releases a Series of Videos Themed ‘Connect, Consider, Collaborate’ on Forward-Thinking Ed Tech Report
Washington, DC
Thursday, February 20, 2014

Washington, DC (February 20, 2014) – The Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) today released a series of videos that spotlight key takeaways from the New Media Consortium’s Horizon Report > 2013 K-12 Edition and CoSN’s accompanying annual Horizon Report: K-12 Edition Toolkit. Featuring education experts and leaders from across the country, the three, 45-minute video discussions were structured around the theme, “Connect, Consider, Collaborate,” to connect with experts and peers, consider emerging technologies and their application to local needs, and collaborate with stakeholders to engage all parties in the discussion, learning, and shared decision making. CoSN has also made available excerpted versions of two of the three videos.

The resources were developed with generous funding from HP.

“The NMC Horizon Report has proved invaluable for school leaders and education advocates, which is why HP supported both the NMC Horizon Report and the CoSN Horizon Report Toolkit. The CoSN videos provide district leaders with helpful resources for engaging their local education and parent community,” said Jim Vanides, Global Education Program Manager, HP Corporate Affairs. “These videos offer educators a deeper understanding of the education technology components mentioned in the Horizon Report, with guidance on how to best to use the Horizon research in conversations about addressing local education needs and challenges.”

Moderated by Vicki Smith Bigham, President, Bigham Technology Solutions, Inc., and CoSN Professional Development Consultant, the video’s speakers provide audiences with a closer look at the technologies, trends, and challenges in the Report; district-specific experiences related to three of the emerging technologies identified in the Report with practical advice and suggested tools; and ongoing work surrounding the technologies identified to be on the mid- or long-term horizon. The videos also offer suggested follow-up activities and discussion starters, drawn from CoSN’s Toolkit.

You can watch the videos and learn more about the Report and Toolkit at: www.cosn.org/Horizon.

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