Report: Strengthen Student Security with Identity and Access Management Technologies

Washington, DC
Thursday, October 22, 2015

Washington, DC (October 22, 2015) – As school districts nationwide increasingly turn to digital content, the need has never been greater for robust identity and access management technologies.

This necessity, as well as the benefits of these resources and their current uses nationwide, is the focus of CoSN’s (the Consortium for School Networking’s) EdTechNext report, Identity and Access Management: Fundamentals for Securing Student Data and Privacy.

“Digital tools are transforming the overall learning experience. The exciting shift, though, risks slowing to a crawl if identity and access management, the foundation for security, are neglected,” said Irene Spero, Chief Strategy Officer. “This paper will help school system leaders address student data and privacy challenges so they can establish a trusted, digitally powered learning environment that’s here to stay.”

Emerging identity and assessment management technologies provide several important benefits:

  • Instructional value with safe, secure and efficient access to digital content;
  • Improved risk management with password security and heightened control of student data;
  • Automation and efficiency with consolidated user accounts and access routes to digital content; and
  • Transparency for parents who want to know how student information is used and shared.

Taking advantage of these benefits, as the report details, starts by managing student and staff identities and then providing careful consideration to provision access rights.

To read the full report, and to learn about exemplary districts that are turning to technology to manage authentication, visit:

The report is made possible through the support of: Aegis Identity, BestBuy, CDW.G, Cisco, Dell, ENA, Filewave, Fortinet, Google, HP, iBoss Security, Identity Automation, Ipswitch, itslearning, JAMF Software, Juniper Networks, Lenovo, Lightspeed Systems, McGraw Hill, Microsoft, Pearson, Presidio, Promethean, Qualcomm, Safari Montage, SchoolDude, Sprint, and Verizon.


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