Accelerators Survey Results

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The 2019 Driving K-12 Innovation Advisory Board has spoken! The top five Accelerators advancing teaching and learning innovation are below, arranged in order of speed and intensity, according to the Advisory Board. View all the survey questions, data, and the larger list of Accelerators considered here.

CoSN Members: If your district or school is actively working on any projects, programs, or pilots that exemplify any of the top five Accelerators in action, submit your exemplars by January 25, 2019, for potential inclusion on the Driving K-12 Innovation website and in future publications from the series.

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Building the Human Capacity of Leaders
When leaders take actions to strengthen the professional community of their schools, providing and incentivizing opportunities for teachers to learn and master new skills, it opens the door to the innovative practices and approaches that can further student engagement.


Design Thinking
Design thinking is a strategy for creatively exploring and ultimately formulating solutions to challenges.


As the consumer sector has exploded with new ways to customize user experiences and products, schools are finding ways to provide learning support at the individual level.


Data-Driven Practices
With more engagement, performance, and other kinds of data being collected, schools are leveraging that data to make decisions about curriculum, hiring, technology investments, and more. 

Learners as Creators
The idea that students don’t have to wait to graduate to change the world is motivating schools to embrace real-world learning experiences that promote student-generated ideas and solutions.