Big Plans for the Small Screen -- Our Spring 2014 EdTechNext Report

We were so excited to release our spring 2014 EdTechNext Report yesterday! Entitled "Small Screens, Big Plans," the piece shifts the focus for districts and schools toward building mobile into their content and application strategies -- from school-wide apps to curriculum. Mobile devices have capabilities that computers don’t – how can you use them to your advantage?

Our report provides a series of steps for developing a mobile content strategy, analysis and FAQs for mobile apps, and several case studies highlighting the different approaches districts have taken to develop apps. Use it as a jumping-off point to re-vamp your strategy this spring!

Want a sneak preview of the report? Follow this step-by-step process for building your strategy:

  1. Evaluate where your district and its partners are.
  2. Prioritize what is most important – what information should be made mobile, and how? 
  3. Act on tactical solutions for the short term and plan for long-term mobility needs.
  4. Communicate to stakeholders and the public.
  5. Monitor, measure, and guide your mobile strategy (tips included!).
  6. Support, maintain, and adjust to changing needs, trends, and technologies.


Our highly-rated EdTechNext Reports are published quarterly and discuss the hottest trends in technology. The reports are free for CoSN members only -- so if you aren't a member yet, join today! Then you can download Small Screens, Big Plans here.