Celebrate Connected Educator Month: CoSN Webinars Today and Next Week

This month is Connected Educator Month (www.connectededucatormonth.org), a unique (and fun!) opportunity to take charge of your professional development. You've only got another week to take advantage of this chance to network & collaborate with a host of free online activities. Sign up today (in seconds!) for the CEM newsletter, or join for one of 3 remaining CoSN events. We'll be hosting webinars today (October 23), October 28, and October 29.

Today's webinar will feature 3 CoSN members discussing their different strategies for 1:1 implementations, and next week's will both focus on how to foster global connections for elementary school students. These are only a few of the diverse topics being covered. Last year's CEM featured more than 450 activities from more than 170 education organizations and drew more than 4 million people. This year's event looks to be just as big a success, drawing ed tech leaders from around the world. Tune in through the 31st!

Connected Educators is an initiative from the U.S. Department of Education in collaboration with several organizations, including CoSN. We're very excited about the project's success!