Check it out: New Mobile Learning Resources

In these past few years, we have seen a dramatic shift in mobile learning; schools aren't talking about its capabilities any more (those are widely accepted), but are debating the cultural aspects of mobile learning. To make sure you're kept ahead of all the changes in the mobile learning field, we're providing free refreshed materials through our Leadership for Mobile Learning (LML) initiative. 

Designed for district leaders who are considering adopting mobile learning programs, the LML initiative now offers an updated “Administrator’s Guide for Mobile Learning,” which provides step-by-step guidance, a graphic on how to avoid the most common pitfalls, and first-hand insights from pioneering school district technology leaders. 

The three components of the updated guide address pressing K-12 educational topics:

  • "Steps to Mobile Learning” – outlines the key considerations involved at each step of a mobile learning program: Planning, implementing, and continually improving.
  • "Mobile Learning: Avoiding Common Pitfalls” graphic – identifies the most common mistakes and pitfalls at each step with key actions to take the appropriate measures. 
  • "Mobile Learning Insights” – videos with short, pragmatic guidance from leading districts about mobile learning.

We're especially excited about our Mobile Learning Insights, provided by leaders who are deep in the trenches. CTOs from around the country talked to us to answer common questions about mobile learning implementation, and now we're sharing their answers with you. Hear directly from the experts in a quick series of videos!

All refreshed resources are available at Dive into them so you can help your district realize the full potential of mobile learning!