CoSN Around the World

Even though we specialize in American ed tech, we know that the world is increasingly interconnected. To give us the best possible view of the ed tech world, we need to keep in touch with our counterparts abroad and understand how other countries are pursuing 21st century learning. With an eye on global education, we held our first international delegation 12 years ago and continue to send teams abroad every year or two to exchange ideas with leaders from other countries. Previous delegations have gone to South America (2011), London and Paris (2010), Scotland and the Netherlands (2009), Scandinavia (2007), Australia (2004), and Europe (2002).

This Friday, our delegation heading to a new place: Singapore! CoSN's first trip to Asia will include school visits, strategy sessions, visits to the ministry of education, and more. If you're feeling a little wanderlust, you can follow along on the agenda here. Delegates will also be reporting back with blog posts and on our twitter account.

Bon voyage to our delegates!