The CTO’s Critical Conversations

Taking the digital leap means changing everything. Old organizational structures are no longer functional for new organizational needs. Traditional interfaces between departments are obsolete. And the role of IT becomes central to enabling teaching and learning.

Communication is transformed even while teaching and learning evolve. Transparency is the new order of the day and conversations that used to be routine now become critical. CoSN is pleased to announce two new resources that highlight these critical conversations.

Critical Conversations: District Leadership was developed by the Smart Education Networks by Design (SEND) initiative. This resource covers what the new conversations between the CTO and other district leaders look like in a transformed environment. It highlights the elevated role of the district technology leader and it’s place at the cabinet level.  It also discusses the new CTO responsibility to lead and educate at the district level just how the normally “invisible” technology infrastructure and it’s development are critical to transformed teaching and learning.

Developed by the Leadership for Mobile Learning initiative, Critical Conversations: Bringing Technology and Academic Leaders Together, is a resource that focuses on the new relationship between the Chief Technology Officer and the Chief Academic Officer.  Where these two roles were once separate and siloed, in a transformational environment they become inseparable.

Technology leaders need to understand the classroom implications of their decisions and academic officers need to to understand the technology implications of theirs. Together, the two forge a shared understanding regarding purpose, policy, vision, logistics, communication and marketing.

CoSN thanks the sponsors who made these resources possible: Best Buy, Brocade, C. Blohm and Associates, Cisco, ENA, Filewave, Fortinet, Google, JAMF Software, Juniper, Presidio, Safari Montage, and School Messenger.