Follow CoSN's International Delegation in Portugal!

CoSN’s International Delegation just kicked off in Portugal! Do you wish you could be there? Join them from home instead by following participants' insights and up-to-the-minute impressions on our delegation blog ( and on twitter (search for the hashtag #cosnportugal)!

The delegation will dive into Portugal’s nationwide 1:1 program in meetings with Members of Parliament and the Ministry of Education and visits to Portuguese schools. They’ll also engage in roundtable meetings and panels on mobile learning and 1:1. It’s an exciting time in Portugal, and we can’t wait to hear what the delegation learns!

Our seventh international delegation in the past decade continues our exploration of international strategies to advance their strategic educational priorities with investments in information and communication technology (ICT). Previous delegations have gone to South America (2011), London and Paris (2010), Scotland and the Netherlands (2009), Scandinavia (2007), Australia (2004), and Europe (2002).

Here's a sneak peek of what participants have to share so far. Head to twitter and our blog for much more!

@Paulamaylahn: MOE developed ICT internships with 42 companies #cosnportugal #portugal  

@UNESCO_ICTs: Excellent summary of 1:1 surveys in Europe by Anja Balanskat #cosn #cosnportugal

@alhgator: Talking 1:1 initiatives in Eurozone. Prep is key as is school/home integrated use. #cosnportugal