Great Profile of CoSN Member Klein ISD

K-12 Blueprint recently published a great profile of Klein ISD, a CoSN member in Harris County, Texas. Klein is one of our biggest member districts – it currently features nearly 50,000 students spread among 45 schools, and is still growing. Each of those students is benefiting from Klein’s pursuit of 1:1 learning; its high school students all use HP or Fujitso convertible tablets and learn in classrooms equipped with additional devices. Younger students have access to student workstations and laptop carts in all of their classrooms.

Klein’s slow and steady approach to building a 1:1 program should serve as a model for districts that are just getting started with their own digital conversions. They built a strong technology infrastructure throughout the district before handing out devices, and then issued computers to teachers a year before issuing them to students. This way, they ensured that there was substantial structural and personnel support for the program before facing the daily challenges a full 1:1 program brings. They also provided ongoing support after the launch by placing at least one full-time campus instructional technology specialist in each school. A 1:1 program this large requires the kind of careful planning and continuous support Klein ISD has managed to provide.

Read the full profile for more details on Klein ISD’s success. Klein, we’re proud to count you as a CoSN member and to work with you to transform ed tech!