Study Groups Can Help You Get Started as a CETL

CoSN’s Certified Education Technology Leader (CETL) program is designed to guarantee that you’ve mastered the knowledge and skills you need to give your district a 21st century learning environment. We know all of our members are capable of earning the CETL, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy process.  But never fear – we can help make it easier for you. One of the most important things you can do is consider starting or joining a study group.

Brooke Trisler, from Renton School District in WA, can speak personally to the success of CETL study groups. Technology leaders in Washington are on their third round of study groups, and the CETL community in the state continues to grow. Among the group’s successes:

  • Under the leadership of Dr. John Vaile, a study cohort was formed in 2012-13 to strengthen and validate technology leadership in the Puget Sound area. 10 Seattle-area leaders obtained the CETL!
  • A second study cohort (2 current leaders and 2 aspiring leaders) was formed in the Winter of 2014 and will take the CETL exam this month.
  • Over the next few weeks, 4 or 5 parallel cohorts will begin in Washington State (three in the Puget Sound, one in Tri-Cities, and one in Eastern Washington) and will include approximately 20 current leaders. 2 will be led by current CETLs who can bring their personal experiences to the table. All of these cohorts are planning to take the CETL exam in the spring.
  • They’re spreading the word about CETL, and will present a CETL overview at the Northwest Council for Computer Education (NCCE) 2015 Conference in Portland, OR. They’re hoping to spread the word in Idaho and Oregon as well as Washington!

Ed tech leaders in Washington State have made a real effort to start study groups and spread the word about CETL, and that effort has been rewarded with a double-digit number of CETLs (and growing!). Their leadership with study groups touches on a fundamental truth: it’s always easier to motivate yourself if there’s someone else there working along with you. Studying for the CETL takes a long time – motivate yourself and make it more fun by joining a group and benefiting from your peers’ experiences! It’s certainly worked in Washington.

If you need help setting up a study group or just getting started with your CETL preparation, email us at We are always here to help – do not go at it alone!