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This fall, we teamed with AASA and NSBA to launch Leading the Digital Leap, a joint campaign bringing together superintentendents, district tech leaders, and school boards to strengthen digital learning. Lots of people need to be involved in a district's digital conversion, so we figured we should put resources for all of them under one umbrella. Leading the Digital Leap provides a collection of resources that can be used by not only the entire district leadership team, but also educators in different departments. Visit for your district's one-stop shopping experience!

We're excited to announce that we just launched a Leading the Digital Leap newsletter, powered by eSchool News, that takes a fresh look at the intersection of leadership and innovation in the midst of a digital revolution. Each month, educators and industry thought leaders will share their challenges, solutions, successes, and best practices for enacting real, measurable change. This month, explore the crucial role of site visits in replicating successful tech rollouts and get the scoop on a fascinating new self-assessment to help determine what kind of a digital leader you really are. Join us as we take this next big leap together by subscribing to this free newsletter!