Take Advantage of the Last Week of CEM!

Connected Educator Month (www.connectededucatormonth.org) is ending with a bang. Join us for the last few CoSN events!

If you’re looking for an informal connection, tomorrow’s Connected Café (October 29, 7:30-8:30 pm ET) will be co-hosted by CoSN’s CEO, Keith Krueger. Hang out at the cafe to socialize and engage in an unstructured conversation about connected education. You’ll probably get a sneak peek of upcoming CoSN initiatives!

Wednesday’s event addresses one of our main focuses of the fall: E-rate reform. CoSN conducted a nationwide survey in September to inform the FCC about the current state of the E-rate, which Denise-Atkinson Shorey will analyze in “Final Report: E-Rate and Broadband Survey” from 1-2 pm ET on Wednesday (October 30). The survey results paint a bleak picture: districts nationwide overwhelmingly agreed that they had insufficient access to broadband and funding. A full 43% of respondents said that none of their schools meet target broadband thresholds. But there’s still reason for optimism, as the FCC is mulling E-rate reform this fall; instead of feeling down, join CoSN on Wednesday to hear our discoveries and recommendations at this critical juncture!

Thanks to everyone at Connected Educators and the US Department of Education for working with us on all these great events, and to all of our members for their participation. Be sure to track Connected Educators events on twitter using the hashtag #CE13. October might be almost over, but we can keep up these connections year-round!