What Do Districts Need in a CTO? Learn in a Webinar!

CTOs' job descriptions in 2013 would have been unthinkable twenty years ago. As technology transforms education and the world, leaders have had to evolve along with it. Keith Krueger, CoSN's CEO, says "In 1992 Price Waterhouse [assessed] that 80 percent of the job of any CIO was technical. In schools, that was 'wires in the boxes.' Today, that's about 20 percent of the job. The other 80 percent is providing leadership, vision, and an understanding of the educational environment."

So what do districts need in a CTO now -- and what skills do CTOs need to thrive? How can a CTO maximize his impact at this critical moment in the evolution of learning? CoSN empowers our members to answer these questions with programming highlighted by our Framework of Essential Skills of the K-12 CTO and CETL Certification. One recent CETL graduate, Jeremy Shorr, is the Director of Educational Technology and Curricular Innovation at Mentor Public Schools in Ohio. Jeremy, aware of the challenges of re-defining his position, says "I was looking for a system to show people that we're schools, not IT companies, so we need an understanding of budgeting and strategic planning, setting policies, a focus and understanding on the instructional needs of students, the teaching needs of teachers, along with our own professional development...I found all that in CoSN's Framework."

Jeremy and Keith are teaming with Education Week next Thursday, November 7 from 2-3 pm ET for a free webinar covering "What Districts Need in a CTO." They'll analyze current disconnects in hiring CTOs as part of a broader discussion of the importance of CTOs and their relationships with superintendents. Register for the webinar now or get more details from Storify. Together we can change the conversation.