CETL Summit

This year, we hosted our first ever CETL Summit during the 2015 Annual Conference in Atlanta, GA. Our CETLs gathered to discuss the new skills they need to maximize value in today's work climate, with a particular emphasis on communications skills. Watch the videos below for a quick look into some of their top communications tips, and stay tuned for more information on future CETL gatherings!

Thank you to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for their sponsorship of this event.


Hear from the CETLs

Pete Just, CETL: Be sure to use short elevator speeches.
Ralph Valenzisi, CETL: Keep your message as simple and non-technical as possible.
Mark Finstrom, CETL: Involve diverse stakeholders in the discussions as soon as possible.
Fankie Jackson, CETL: Keep channels open at all time, and stay honest: credibility and accountability are key.
David Long, CETL: Communicate regularly and quickly -- there's not always time to form a committee!
Nathan Mielke, CETL: Engage in the Design Thinking process to effectively communicate with stakeholders.
Chris Nelson, CETL: Build relationships with building-level leaders.
Brad Hagg, CETL: Create an intranet site where staff can interact and problem-solve.
Charlene Blohm, C. Blohm & Associates: Charlene provided a summary of some of the ideas she heard during the summit. Think ahead! Think about the tools and people you're using.