Digital Accessibility Toolkit

The Center on Technology and Disability (CTD), in partnership with CoSN, are pleased to present the Digital Accessibility Toolkit: What Education Leaders Need to Know.
Accessibility is essential for leveraging technology and providing educational opportunities for all students, including those with disabilities and English language learners. The toolkit offers resources, tips, and information for state and district leaders on how to ensure that accessibility is part of the educational equation. The goal is to support leaders in being proactive instead of reactive.

Find the Toolkit's supplementary infographics here:

Additional Resources
  1. Read how Utah’s State Board of Education (USBE) staff are increasing their capacity to meet the needs of all stakeholders by developing a systemwide digital accessibility plan through authentic engagement of stakeholders across multiple education departments and how Bartholomew Consolidated School District (IN) implemented a unified approach to leverage best practices and meet the needs of students with disabilities and their peers. The case study is accompanied by the rubric Bartholomew used to closely evaluate their classroom resources. 
  2. Center on Technology and Disability's District Spotlight: Pelham New Hampshire School District
  3. Accessibility One-Pager: A Key to Creating an Equitable, Effective Learning Ecosystem Everywhere, all the Time for all Students. 


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*The latest version of the toolkit was updated August 2017.