The foundation of effective cybersecurity practices is planning. 

Risk Assessment: 

The first step of building a cybersecurity plan is to conduct a risk assessment and determine where your organization’s cybersecurity is strong and where you need additional attention. 


Governance & Security Frameworks:

Cybersecurity is an organizational responsibility, not the responsibility of a single person.  In order to fully address cybersecurity risks in an organization, it is important to determine the organization’s risk-adversity and then develop a governance process for prioritizing issue response. There are standardized cybersecurity frameworks and well-tested approaches to cybersecurity governance that K12 organizations can leverage and customize.

  • How to Build a Cybersecurity Program
  • Selecting a Cybersecurity Framework


Building a Cybersecurity Plan:

These CoSN resources can help K12 organizations to prioritize and develop and an actionable plan:


Building a Learning Continuity Plan:

Before a disaster strikes, it is incumbent upon school system IT personnel to have emergency operations plans in place to ensure continuity of learning. Check out the learning continuity plan guidance for achieving this objective.