CoSN Webinar Series: Smart Education Networks by Design: Developing Next Generation Networks to Support Personalized Learning

New advances in technology, including mobile devices, are making it possible for students to learn anytime, anywhere and to experience personalized learning. But these advances can only happen if school systems have networks in place that support the new and dynamic context of learning. CoSN’s new initiative, SEND (Smart Education Networks by Design), is designed to address the challenges facing school systems by providing school system leaders the knowledge to wisely invest in educational networks for today and tomorrow. Learn about the resources that can help district leaders develop the next generation network infrastructure necessary to support multiple mobile devices on and off campus, the delivery of digital content, and administration of online assessments.

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Event Date: 
Tuesday, April 22, 2014 - 1:00pm
  •     Curt Godwin, Network/System Administrator, Forsyth County Schools (GA)
  •     Dr. Marty Bray, Chief Technology and Information Officer, Forsyth County Schools (GA)
  •     Mark Klingler, Director of Technology Services, Forsyth County Schools (GA)
  •     Polly Gifford, Owner, Education Partners Solutions, Inc.
  •     Kevin Schwartz, Chief Technology Officer, Clear Creek ISD (TX)
  •     Marie Bjerede, Project Director, SEND Initiative, CoSN