Understanding the Educational Environment

A child smiling and staring at a tablet

CoSN helps education technology leaders improve classroom-level strategies for student learning by using leveraging technology strategies. These resources align to CoSN’s Framework of Essential Skills, a body of knowledge for high-performing school system technology leaders.

The use of mobile devices and social media in schools is critical for the creation of a participatory learning environment for children. We help school districts create a connected learning environment through resources, best practices, and lessons learned in policy implementation.
CoSN provides district technology leaders with the tools and resources they need to help school systems create data-rich cultures. This initiative helps leaders implement and sustain data usage while providing a national forum on how data can be used to individualize the learning process.
CoSN works to increase the capacity of district leadership to leverage mobile learning. This effort helps educational leaders overcome the barriers and develop, plan, implement, and manage policies to effectively enable mobile learning. We explore and develop resources that support school leaders at this critical juncture of exponential growth in mobile learning.