Membership Overview

CoSN is a future-focused assocation that connects you to edtech leaders nationwide.  In addition to providing you with a network of your peers, CoSN produces cutting-edge resources that will empower you and your team to work smarter and make a bigger impact on your community.

As members of CoSN, you have -

  • Support for you and your team - CoSN's continually growing library of resources and tools can save you time and money, and help you and your team thrive.
  • Enhanced leadership skills - We know edtech leaders have a variety of backgrounds, and CoSN can help you develop skills in new areas.  Whether you're a new CTO, or you have 30 years of experience, we can help you grow.
  • Access to the edtech leader community - Whether you want to ask a question across the country, or you want to meet up with edtech leaders in your area, CoSN can put you in touch with your peers.

For a full list of benefits, please visit our Member Benefits page.

Membership Types

CoSN is the largest network of edtech leaders.  CoSN connects you with thousands of like-minded colleagues to learn, grow, and effect change.

CoSN offers three categories of membership - Institutional, Corporate, and Individual.


CoSN Institutional Membership dues are based on your student enrollment.  Member organizations can have an unlimited number of staff access CoSN benefits.  Your CoSN membership is bundled with your state chapter, but it may include an extra fee.

Corporate Membership

CoSN Corporate Membership type is defined by company annual revenue.  New and emerging companies with less than $2 million in annual revenue or a consulting company that works with these companies are affiliate corporate members.  Companies with $2 million or above in annual revenue are corporate members.  Eligibility is evaluated each year:

  • Corporate Membership: $5,000
  • Affiliate Corporate Membership: $1,000

Individual Membership

CoSN offers three individual membership types:

  • Individual (independent consultants, etc.) - $250
  • Retiree - $25
  • Tech Transition (for individuals in-between jobs) - $0

Individuals interested in an individual membership must email

Video instructions on how to join can be found here.  Note - In order to join as an Institutional or a Corporate member, we must designate you as the primary contact.  If you are unsure if you are the primary contact for your organization, please contact

Membership Benefits

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Membership Directory

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CoSN Network

The CoSN Network is an online platform where CoSN members can share their questions, concerns and solutions with each other.  It is your opportunity to be part of a peer network, hear what your colleagues across the country are thinking, and contribute to the dialogue of edtech.

Membership Committee

The purpose of the CoSN Membership Committee is to advance membership growth, retention and value by serving as a resource and sounding board to CoSN’s membership staff on the development of strategy and campaigns. The committee is responsible for evaluating current and proposed members’ benefits, resources and potential membership structures and pricing to be reviewed and approved by the CoSN Board of Directors.

Awards & Recognition

We are fortunate to work with many exceptional leaders and districts, and every year we recognize several of them with our annual awards. Awards are given to individuals and teams who demonstrate outstanding vision in K-12 education technology.

Membership FAQs

Still have questions about CoSN Membership? Please view our FAQ page to find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions