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Parent Orientation: Virtual Open Houses

Parent orientation is not an easy process, as it requires constant communication, a great deal of transparency, and a willingness to meet families where they are. There are additional challenges…
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Advisory Board Members Share 6 Trends & Surprises from the Driving K-12 Innovation Initiative

Education and technology have changed drastically over the past four years. The global pandemic has caused major disruption in education and devastating learning loss for more than half that time,…
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Securing K-12 Infrastructure and Data

Gone are the days when no one cared about the Internet, devices, and data of K-12 institutions.  For one reason or the other, the rate of attacks on K-12 infrastructure…
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Building Cybersecurity Leadership Capacity, One Game at a Time!

Looking for a new way to build cybersecurity leadership capacity and understanding? The Cybersecurity Leadership Game is like no other cybersecurity leadership tool you have ever experienced. It is a…
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10 Tips & Recommendations to Attracting & Retaining Educators and IT Professionals

Lack of support, low pay, minimal flexibility, burnout, work/life imbalance, better career opportunities – there are a lot of reasons why teachers and IT professionals are leaving education. According to…
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