At Pearson, learning outcomes are at the heart of everything we do. From our assessment platforms to our customized assessment services and solutions, we partner with educators, states, and districts to develop new, personalized ways of learning. 




  • Explore the opportunities in the future of assessment
    Assessment doesn’t need to be a multiple-choice test. From authentic and engaging performance tasks to digital games, educators can gather information about student progress without disrupting the learning process. Learn how technology enables deeper, better insights about student skills and knowledge.
  • Learn strategies to boost student engagement and connections in your school or district
    A substantial body of research shows student-centered, active learning strategies increase student learning and achievement. This white paper highlights the research behind the value of student engagement and connections.
  • Increase student engagement and improve learning outcomes
    Digital learning strategies are a proven way to increase student engagement and create the best learning outcomes for your school. See how student engagement has evolved right along with our educational technology and learn the latest terms for next generation engagement.