Ed Tech Next Report: Sustaining and Scaling Innovation

Description This issue of EdTechNext aligns with the CoSN Driving K–12 Innovation initiative, an annual series of publications that explores hurdles, accelerators and tech enablers to innovation in education around the world.  The Driving K–12 Innovation Advisory Board of more than 100 international educational technology experts identified scaling and sustaining innovation as both a top five hurdle to address in 2019 and the most difficult to surmount. EdTechNext dives into this challenge with expert perspectives, profiles of educational organizations and schools that are working strategically to scale and sustain innovation, and practical guidance for district and school technology leaders. Chris Dede of Harvard University reflects on how the context for scaling and sustainability has changed since he developed his Framework for Scaling and Sustaining Innovation a decade ago. The issue also highlights more recent problem-based approaches to innovation and sustainable change.