Educators and the Long Tail: Implications for Teaching and Professional Development

Description  2009 Compendium: Long Tail Although many students learn at the pace and in the method that most teachers deliver instruction, some students in every class will lag behind or leap ahead, forming a "long tail" that is actually greater in size than all of the students in the middle. The 2008 CoSN Compendium monograph, "Meeting the Needs of the Long Tail Learner," viewed the long tail from the perspective of students and student learning. This follow-up monograph, part of the 2009 CoSN Compendium, examines what the long tail means for instruction and how these concepts apply to the ways teachers teach (customization, creating and sharing digital resources and reaching beyond the classroom walls), how teachers learn and grow professionally (technical training, professional learning communities and social networks). This is the third in a series of six monographs.This is a members-only publication and can only be downloaded and viewed by current members of CoSN.