CTO Forums

CTO Leadership Forums are held twice a year (at CoSN's and ISTE's Annual Conferences) and provide opportunities for district-level technology directors to share information with their peers and keep up-to-date on best practices and solutions to ed tech challenges. CTO Forum Reports are written after each event and made available to members in our Knowledge CenterThese events are free, but registration is required.

Upcoming CTO Forums

Our next CTO Forum will be held during the CoSN 2016 Annual Conference.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016
2:45 pm – 4:15 pm

Building on the Past to Invent the Future
25 years ago we connected to the internet by modem and PPP and witnessed the birth of Linux. Today, technology leaders are leading the transformation in education as mobile devices provide students access anytime and anywhere.  The challenge to CTO’s is not only to lead the digital leap from a technology point of view, but to also to align human and technology resources to anticipate and support future needs.  CTO’s play a pivotal role in inventing the future.  The CTO forum will answer questions such as:  What lessons can we learn by reflecting from our past?  How can CTO’s “look beyond the horizon” to help our organizations invent the future for students and staff learning?  The forum will explore answers through a rich, interactive panel discussion and with breakout table discussions with colleagues.

Past CTO Forums

Making the Digital Leap: What Must Happen in the District

Our most recent CTO Forum was held at the ISTE Annual Conference in Philadelphia, PA in July 2015. Making the Digital Leap: What Must Happen in the District centered on the impact of digital learning on other parts of the school district, including assessment, learning management systems, student data visualization, personalization, professional development, and privacy. 

If you're a CoSN member, you can access members-only reports summarizing past events in the Online Store.

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  • Moving from Vision to Action for a Digital Transformation (2015)
  • Building a Powerful Team for Blended Learning (2014)
  • Demonstrating Your Value to the Superintendent & the District (2014)
  • The Technology Department Landscape: That was Then, This is Now! (2013)
  • The "Undiscussables" of Technology Leadership: Engaging in Challenging Conversations (2013)
  • Common Core Standards--How Technology Services & Curriculum Can Work Together When We Think Differently (2012) (CTO Forum Report includes a special 20th Anniversary section: "Ready to Walk the Coals? Now is the Time for Audacious Leadership")
  • Prove IT: What Does the Research Say About Technology in Education? (2012)
  • Whose Data Is It Anyway? Public and Private Data in the Age of Sharing. (2011)
  • Serving our Customers: Meeting Today’s Students and Teachers on their Terms (2011)
  • Turning Tech Novices into Building-Level Champions (2010)
  • Leadership and Collaboration for Better Broadband (2010)
  • Kicking the Tires of Education Technology: What are the Obstacles and Promises for Delivering Value in the Here and Now? (2010)
  • Leveraging Banned Technologies to Create Ubiquitous Learning Environments (2009)
  • How 2B A Disruptive Technology Leader (2009)
  • Using Digital Content: The Essential Role of the District Technology Leader (2008)