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CoSN’s Digital Equity Dashboard

CoSN’s new Digital Equity Dashboard is an essential tool for school and community leaders to ensure that all students have equitable access to devices, connectivity, and other digital resources. This…
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10 Key CoSN Back-to-School resources for Ed Tech Leaders

1) Digital Equity Dashboard  CoSN’s Digital Equity Dashboard is an innovative and practical tool designed to help school districts and communities leverage data to close digital equity gaps. This powerful…
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Stagger System for Purchasing Devices 

Kelly May-Vollmar, Ed.D. serves as superintendent of educational and technology services for Desert Sands Unified School District in La Quinta, California. This blog post describes a system that would allow…
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Navigating Generative AI: Promoting and Managing Academic Integrity in the New School Year

With AI dominating conversations among education leaders, the importance of managing expectations and academic integrity is now more critical than ever as the new school year commences. Most districts are…
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Be a Catalyst for Change: 10 Expert Tips for Driving K-12 Innovation in the New School Year

The average teacher will impact 3,000 students throughout the course of their career. As the 2023-24 school year begins, it’s natural—and important—to think big and explore new ways to create…
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