The CoSN 2024 State of EdTech Leadership report marks our 11th annual report and was made possible by the generosity of our partners: CDW Education, AASA, K12 Insight, Lightspeed Systems, and MCH Data.

The education technology profession is constantly evolving, and a lot has changed since we conducted our initial survey of U.S. School System EdTech leaders in 2013. What hasn’t changed is the goal of CoSN’s annual survey—to give our community a national perspective on the EdTech landscape, the challenges EdTech leaders face, and the successes they have had.

Below are some of the key findings. The full report is available via a free download.

2024 State of EdTech Leadership Survey

Some Key Findings:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
EdTech Leaders recognize that AI has potential risks and benefits. The overwhelming majority (97%) see benefits in how AI can positively impact education and over a third (35%) of districts report having a generative AI

Cybersecurity remains the top concern for EdTech Leaders, with 99% of districts taking measures to improve protections. While this is a bleak situation given the challenge, increasingly districts are on a path to implementing many cybersecurity best practices.

Student Well-Being
An overwhelming majority (93%) of districts are using technology solutions designed to address or improve student well-being. Tools for monitoring and reporting bullying and self-harm, as well as tracking student behavior, are common and widely implemented.

Digital Equity
A growing number of districts no longer provide any services to address student home broadband access—31% this year, compared to 19% just two years ago. One clear example is the decline in the number of districts providing hotspots to unconnected students, which from 69% in 2022 to 49% this year.

Most districts are involved in Interoperability initiatives, with the majority partially implemented or in the planning stage. Single Sign-On (SSO) is the most fully implemented interoperability initiative at 43%.

Member-Exclusive Resource: 2024 EdTech Salary Report
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This salary report is based on the 981 responses to CoSN’s annual survey of EdTech Leaders. Salary data for EdTech Leaders were included in the CoSN 2024 State of EdTech District Leadership Report—which was made possible with the support of our partners CDW Education, Lightspeed Systems, AASA, K12 Insight, and MCH Strategic Data. The salary data for the other EdTech positions in this report are intended only for use by your organization. No portion may be reproduced or shared outside your organization without written permission from CoSN.

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The survey and this webinar were made possible by the Ed-Fi Alliance and CDW-G, conducted in partnership with MCH Data, K12 Insite, and AASA.

A CoSN Member Survey 2022 summarizes the responses of CoSN members to a short survey on EdTech trends and funding, first conducted in 2020 to gauge the impact of the COVID‐19 crisis. Thank you to Juniper Networks for their support.