Before a disaster strikes, it is incumbent upon school system IT personnel to have emergency operations plans in place to ensure continuity of learning. Natural disasters can be spontaneous events, requiring school system leaders to implement and train team members on procedures so that they can act swiftly. Administrative and school personnel should be able to assess damage quickly, update all stakeholders, bring critical systems back online, and resume operations as quickly as possible.

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amy mclaughlin on the hill
CoSN cybersecurity expert Amy McLaughlin testifies before U.S. Senate

“Our K12 districts are on the front lines of protecting their data and systems against much large, better funded organizations and a rapidly evolving cyberthreat environment. They need access to staffing and technical resources to continue to securely deliver education.” - Amy McLaughlin, CoSN Cybsersecurity Expert.

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Building a Learning Continuity Plan

Building Your Disaster Recovery "Go Kit"

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Strategies for Building Information Security Governance

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Disasters, whether human or natural, can have sudden and serious impact on the ability of the school district to deliver services, including core services for the support of students and staff. Many critical resources that impact not only the delivery of teaching and learning, but also the basic life, health and safety functions of the school district are dependent upon technology to continue to operate.

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Self-Assessment (District Security Checklist)

What is your district’s state of security readiness? Security means reliability and integrity of the operation as well as keeping the door locked on data. Use this questionnaire to gain a quick sense of your overall security profile. Then get a more in-depth analysis by using the District Security Rubric and Planning Grid to pinpoint areas of concern and identify next steps.

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Building Checklist: Essential Guide for IT Leaders' Construction Projects

Construction and substantial renovation of school district buildings must consistently incorporate technology planning from conception to building. This member document is a game-changer, providing a concise yet powerful roadmap for designing and renovating buildings focusing on future-proofing district technology.

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