Getting Started with Cybersecurity


CoSN’s EdTech Leadership Survey consistently identifies cybersecurity as a top priority for school system IT Leaders.   

School system leaders, including technology leaders, need to protect their networks and information security, analyze their current status, and validate what they are doing well. CoSN provides tools and resources that provide insight into how risk can be further reduced in ways that help technology leaders contribute to their schools' primary goals of teaching and learning. We also offer assistance to district technology leaders who are working to ensure safety for both students and staff.

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The following resources provide a foundation for understanding basic threats and requirements:

Getting Started with Cybersecurtiy

What do you need to know about cybersecurity? Why is this an urgent topic for small and large districts alike?


Top 5 Cyber Threats for Schools

What do you need to watch out for?


2020 State and Federal Cybersecurity Policy Trends

The 2020-2021 pandemic highlighted the serious and growing challenges associated with digital learning. Cybersecurity is not a new problem, but there has been an exponential growth and persistent sophistication of cyberattacks targeting school districts of all sizes.


K-12 Cybersecurity Cost Report

CoSN conducted the Cybersecurity Costing Survey between May and June 2019 to identify cybersecurity challenges school systems are currently facing, and cybersecurity costs that might be good candidates for expanded E-Rate funding in the future.


Addressing Cybersecurity in K-12 Organizations

The foundation of effective cybersecurity practices is planning.

Authentication management is all about access to organizational systems and resources.

Preparedness is what separates a botched response from a secure one. 

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Extend your Learning


CoSN offers ongoing professional development opportunities focused on Cybersecurity including: