Ransomware is a form of malware that exploits system and user vulnerabilities in order to hijack files, a device, or an entire system in order to extort a ransom. Typically, it will be designed to encrypt a system and unlock it only after a ransom is paid. Failure to pay can result in data exfiltration, public disclosure of data, or permanent destruction of data. 

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Cyber Insurance

Security breaches and incidents are a constant challenge for CTO’s. Cyber insurance is an effective way to protect schools or districts from incurring a significant financial burden.  

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Cybersecurity Incident Response: The Game

CoSN and Dell have partnered together to develop an incident response game designed to build skills and experience in managing incident response. 


COSN Partner Resources


  • The US Department of Education Office of Education Technology offers a full range of resources including:
    • Data Breach Response Checklist: Resource includes a thorough checklist based on best practices from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), US-CERT, and other industry thought leaders to assist schools to evaluate and build strong incident response processes and plans to their unique requirements  
    • Data Breach Scenario Training Kits: Resource includes packaged trainings developed by the Privacy Technical Assistance Center, designed to help educational organizations at all levels conduct internal staff development on data breaches  
    • Data Security and Monitoring Training Best Practices: Resource provides best practices for data security and data management trainings for educational leaders and discusses key training concepts to follow, content, delivery methods, and possible audiences for these trainings. 
  • MS-ISAC is a CoSN Partner organization.  All US Public School Districts can become members of MS-ISAC free of charge and access a range of services provided by MS-ISAC. Response services offered free to members include access to their 24x 7 Security Operations Center.