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CoSN Driving K-12 Innovation and EdTech Innovation Project Director: Laura Geringer,
CoSN staff contact: Director of Professional Learning, Jill

Driving K-12 Innovation

CoSN continues its commitment to sharing high-quality trend reports that support the use of emerging technology in K-12 education to transform learning. In this initiative, a global 100+ advisory board of K-12 leaders, practitioners, and changemakers engage in discourse about the major themes driving, hindering, and enabling teaching and learning innovation at schools. CoSN members and partners are privy to the survey results released in early each calendar year.
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EdTech Innovation Committee

The EdTech Innovation Committee (formerly the Emerging Technologies Committee) develops resources year-round on the Driving K-12 Topics, and other timely topics as they arise, that have the potential to significantly impact K-12 education. These resources are created to inform CoSN members on EdTech Innovations – building on the annual Driving K-12 Innovation Report, especially the Tech Enablers – with a focus on school district technology leaders/CIO/CTOs and their teams.
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driving k 12 innovation 2024

2024 Driving K-12 Innovation Hurdles, Accelerators, and Tech Enablers Report

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driving k 12 innovation 2024

Accelerating Innovation: A Guide to Leveraging the 2024 Driving K-12 Innovation Report

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Top 2024 Hurdles, Accelerators and Technology Enablers Shaping K-12 Innovation

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CoSN’s Roadmap to Innovation newsletter provides education changemakers with the tools needed to accelerate change in their districts, at their organizations, and in the K-12 ecosystem around the globe.

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Get Familiar with AI in Education

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Hurdles + Accelerators

Hurdles are obstacles that make participants slow down, evaluate, practice, and then make the leap to better support teaching and learning. 

Accelerators are megatrends that drive change – sometimes suddenly and sometimes so gradually the implications aren’t readily apparent. 

Tech Enablers

Tech Enablers are tools that support smoother leaps over the hurdles and expansive changes in global K-12 Education.

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Highlights from the 2024 Driving K-12 Innovation Summit

We're still dancing to the Spotify playlist, thinking about this week's stellar Summit and the release of the 2024 Driving K-12 Innovation report.

From the insightful case studies and resources shared to the modified Delphi activity led by Advisory Board members Ruben Puentedura and Stacy Hawthorne to the spot-on advice from attendees, there's just so much to celebrate. Thank you for registering for the Summit!



Kelly May-Vollmar (United States), and Jason Zagami (Australia), presented during CoSN's 2024 Driving K-12 Innovation Summit.


Graphic facilitation from Summit co-host Karina Branson (ConverSketch).

Summit Resources to Help Spark Innovation



2024 Advisory Board members Holly Doe and Teshon Christie (both from the United States), presented during this year's Driving K-12 Innovation Summit.


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While Summit participants enjoyed lively conversation in the breakout rooms, Ad Board Members Ruben Puentedura and Stacy Hawthorne (both United States) conducted a modified Delphi activity to identify the Accelerators and Tech Enablers that the participants felt were most important in combating the 2024 Hurdles. They also stressed the importance of finding the intersections between the Top Topics.

Thanks so much for spending time with us and your fellow K-12 education changemakers this week! If you'll be sharing the link to the 2024 report and your participation on your social networks, thank you for using our project hashtag: #drivingk12innovation.

While the Summit may be over, we'll continue to amplify our Advisory Board members' voices and share the tools and resources to help you drive innovation throughout the year.

As we mentioned in the Summit, remember: you are not alone in this work. Always know that there is a community of global EdTech leaders who are right alongside you on this thrilling/challenging/exhilarating/exhausting/inspiring triathlon of innovation. Let the 2024 Driving K-12 Innovation report be a reminder for you of just that.

Laura & Stephanie

Archived Reports

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