CoSN is a strong presence and voice in the policy debates at the national and state level serving as a champion of policies required to power next-generation learning environments. Our policy agenda focuses on securing robust funding for EdTech, strengthening the E-rate program, protecting the privacy and security of student data, and promoting digital equity. We provide our members with the tools and resources to be successful advocates on these issues. Policy actions are categorized based on CoSN's focus on four key policy issues: E-rate and Broadband Access in Classrooms, EdTech Funding, Privacy and Data Security, and Digital Equity. 

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New Release!: May 2nd, 2023: Led by SETDACoSNISTE , and SIIA, nearly 60 education technology leaders and experts from 24 states gathered to meet with policymakers on Capitol Hill to discuss actionable policies that will provide much-needed support for equitable access and secure student success. Read the full release here:
EdTech Community Educates Congress on 2023 Policy Priorities

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