CoSN and SETDA have partnered to drive positive change and champion environmentally friendly, sustainable technology practices in K-12 education. Together, we aspire to create a dynamic working group, comprised of passionate advocates like you, who recognize the transformative potential of technology when combined with environmental stewardship. From advocating for energy-efficient devices to integrating environmental sustainability into responsible technology use, we will be at the forefront of innovation, setting the standard for greener technology practices in schools.

View the 2023 Blaschke Report prepared by Charles Blaschke Scholarship fellow, Monet Massac!

CoSN-SETDA Roundtable on the Sustainability of District-Issued Student Devices


In May 2023, CoSN and SETDA convened a roundtable discussion that brought together industry stakeholders, state education agencies, and school districts. The collaborative dialogue sought to cultivate innovative solutions and best practices that can be implemented across the K-12 education ecosystem. During the discussion, several themes emerged, paving the way for a more eco conscious future. Click below to view the full report!

What we have learned:

  • The district device replacement cycle is well-established
  • Device breakage is a growing problem. 1:1 is no longer the ceiling.
  • Sustainability is about more than device life.  
  • Districts need help in learning how to reduce breakage.
  • Districts need better ROI.
  • Procurement needs to change.

Read the Roundtable Report for full details.


Looking forward:

CoSN and SETDA will be starting a Thought Leadership committee to start building resources for schools, including:

  • K-12 Environmental Sustainable Technology Best Practice Playbook (Fall 2024)
  • Tech Procurement Guidance & Templates (Fall 2024)
  • Case Studies of Leadership (Fall 2024)
    Highlight how leaders in K-12 and other related sectors (higher ed, government) are making a difference around sustainability of technology.