Value of the CETL® Certification for Superintendents

As school superintendents and school boards know, 21st century technology is increasingly important for preparing our K-12 students for higher education and ultimately their professional future.

Ensuring that your district uses up-to-date education technology and that your teachers know how to use this technology to improve student achievement is the responsibility of your administration’s education technology professionals. But how do you measure your ed tech staff’s knowledge? How are you assured that these professionals are employing the most current technology tools and policies? Encouraging your education technology leaders to seek CETL TM certification will help ensure that these professionals are equipped to implement your district's technology goals.

We have created an Administrators Guide with tips and information on how the CETL program can help your district achieve its 21st century technology goals. The CETL certification exam is rigorous and is based on CoSN’s Framework of Essential Skills of the K-12 CTO. This exam and the Framework on which it is based, was created by Chief Technology Officers currently practicing in the field. Those who achieve CETL certification must demonstrate that they have mastered the knowledge and skills identified in the Framework. These skills not only include technology-related knowledge; they also include applying this knowledge specifically to the K-12 education environment and demonstrating the leadership, vision, and strategic thinking necessary to bring these skills to your district.

Encouraging CETL Certification in your district will

  • Demonstrate to your stakeholders that you are committed to the highest standards in your administration
  • Show your employees that you are committed to their professional growth
  • Help you hire or promote only the most skilled and knowledgeable education technology leaders
  • Ensure that your district is keeping current on the latest trends and best practices in education technology
  • Help you match the skills of your technology team to the job requirements of those positions

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