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Thanks to generative artificial intelligence (GAI), a recent global pandemic, and more, the landscape of K-12 education today is filled with just as many smooth vistas as it has bumpy terrain. CoSN’s Driving K-12 Innovation project is your guide to help move education forward.

After months of synchronous and asynchronous discussion, surveys, and more, we’re thrilled to share the initiative’s Top Topics —  Hurdles (obstacles), Accelerators (mega trends), and Tech Enablers (tools) — that will drive innovation forward in 2024.

It’s important to note that the Top Topics have shifted more from 2023 to 2024 than they have in any of the past five cycles of the project. One thing is clear: We’re at a turning point in education, and we need to work together and communicate with one another to ensure we’re moving forward to create an environment for learners to thrive and educators and technologists to best support their students – and themselves – in the best way possible.

Get to know the Top Topics

Drum roll, please! The results of the final survey are in, and we are excited to share with the Hurdles, Accelerators, and Tech Enablers that will drive K-12 innovation in 2024:

2024 Hurdles

Top 3 most important Hurdles for schools to address in 2024 that are roadblocks that force schools to slow down, prepare themselves, and make a leap:

  1. Attracting & Retaining Educators and IT Professionals
  2. Ensuring Cybersecurity & Safety Online 
  3. Scaling Innovation & Inertia of Education Systems

2024 Accelerators 

Top 3 most important Accelerators for schools to utilize in 2024 to help motivate and increase speed of innovation:

  1. Changing Attitudes Toward Demonstrating Learning
  2. Building the Human Capacity of Leaders
  3. Learner Agency

2023 Tech Enablers

Top 3 most important Tech Enablers for schools leverage in 2024 in order to surmount Hurdles and leverage Accelerators:

  1. Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI)
  2. Analytics & Adaptive Technologies
  3. Rich Digital Ecosystem

How It Works

Our Driving K-12 Innovation Advisory Board – made up of 140+ global educators and IT professionals this year – makes their voice heard by sharing valuable insights, inspiring others with first-hand stories, encouraging fellow Board Members to see a topic in a new light, and much more. 

The Advisory Board participates in an annual process in which they:

  • complete the initial survey to select topics for discussion;
  • enjoy synchronous and asynchronous discussion to analyze, celebrate, and debate a wide variety of topics driving K-12 innovation;
  • take a final survey to select the Top Topics that will be featured in the annual publication.

You’re Invited! Register for the 2024 Driving K-12 Innovation Summit

We look forward to gathering virtually with education changemakers on Wednesday, February 7, from 12:00 – 2:00 p.m. EST for our celebratory Summit: Preparing Changemakers for the Triathlon of Innovation. This exclusive event is open to CoSN members, sponsors, partners, Advisory Board members, and invited guests.

Being an education changemaker isn’t much different than a triathlete — you need to be hard working, resilient, consistent, patient, adaptable, and strong. At the 2024 Driving K-12 Innovation Summit, attendees will gain the skills, training, encouragement, and mentorship that they need to tackle the changemaking triathlons ahead.

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During the two-hour, interactive Summit, participants will:

  • Hear case studies from trainers and coaches (Advisory Board members) about our 2024 Top Topics
  • Get exclusive access to the 2024 training guide – the Driving K-12 Innovation Report!
  • Discover how to navigate roadblocks in your changemaking
  • Share and gain advice to help you achieve innovation into your school district/organization

This is your chance to knowledge-share and train with EdTech leaders from across the globe. Register now!

AUTHOR: Stephanie King, Writer and Communications Manager, CoSN’s EdTech Innovations Committee and Driving K-12 Innovation

Published on: December 5th, 2023

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