In March of 2018, The Oklahoma Council of Educational Technology Leaders (OCETL) became the 29th State Chapter of the National Consortium for School Networking (CoSN).

The purpose of OCETL is to develop an organized, collaborative, and focused community of school leaders to create and cultivate engaging and innovative environments for teacher instruction and student learning.

The most efficient and effective way to enhance the capacity of Oklahoma school educational and information technology leaders is to build upon the knowledge base, resources, and national network of the CoSN organization and CoSN members.

Additionally, the organization will work to foster innovative and engaging 21st century educational environments whereby students can better understand and fulfill their positive potential. The organization will accomplish this goal through best practices to support student technology initiatives, data governance, cybersecurity, network infrastructure, industry standard professional development, data driven decision making, maximizing return on investment, asset disposal, and sustainability of information and instructional technology.

You can follow OCETL on twitter at @OCETL_OK