As school systems reopen this fall for in-person, hybrid or remote learning, it is essential to pay attention to the persistent threat of cybersecurity attacks that can impact services, threaten staff and student personally identifiable information, and deny access to learning resources.  We are also all painfully aware of the lack of in-house resources available to schools and districts to address cybersecurity, making it imperative that we leverage outside resources whenever possible.  Here is a great opportunity to do just that and raise cybersecurity awareness among teachers, staff, parents and students. 

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is kicking off the 2021 Back to School campaign to help students, parents, teachers, and administrators remain safe from cybersecurity threats as they return to school. This new Back to School campaign offers a wide range of easy-to-understand and use resources.  What follows is a list of main highlights:

  • An orientation to the CISA Back To School campaign by CISA Executive Assistant Director, Eric Goldstein
  • A reference library of short and easy to understand cybersecurity tip sheets including: 
    • Phishing Awareness Tip Sheet – Explains how cybercriminals use phishing attacks to entice users to click on a link or open an attachment that can then infect their computers, creating vulnerability to attacks and provides tips to avoid phishing attempts.. 
    • Password Tip Sheet – Provides tips on making long, complex passwords that are also easy to remember.
  • Stop Ransomware Website ( this and includes a whole section of resource materials for K-12 schools

Leveraging outside resources is a great way to save time and continue to raise awareness of cyber safety within your school system.  Start the school year with the help of these resources from the CISA. 

Amy McLaughlin
CoSN Subject Matter Expert, Cybersecurity
Additional Cybersecurity Resources: