K12 schools that operate in the cloud, primarily use Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to provide e-mail and other productivity tools, learning management and student information systems, digital content, and other digital learning resources.

Cloud is a part of the Networking & Systems Design initiative and focuses on creating resources to help school and district technology leaders transition from the conventional to IT-as-a-service.

An overview of cloud computing in education.

Districts are increasingly moving to cloud computing for many reasons. Learn why.

The key to understanding the cost of cloud computing is understanding your actual resource usage.  

More than half of the IT workload in K12 schools is currently running in the cloud. How does your school system become one of them?


Transition to the Cloud: Case Study Worried about transitioning from on-premise data centers to the cloud? Learn how cloud services can reduce IT system complexity and improve data security in this case study from Boulder Valley School District (CO).