As part of CoSN’s Interoperability Standards initiative, the association today released two new tools to help K-12 district leaders calculate the costs of integrating digital learning platforms.
The resources — a downloadable spreadsheet template and an online interactive calculator — are the newest components of CoSN’s Interoperability Toolkit. The interactive calculator was developed in partnership with Double Line, a leading education data management provider, and the Interoperability Standards initiative is supported by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation.
“Connecting siloed digital systems is a daunting undertaking for resource-challenged school districts. It’s becoming a significant, costly educational hurdle when data is kept siloed and inaccessible. To help simplify this process, CoSN’s new Interoperability Toolkit resources will give school leaders the insight and support to make data-informed decisions about their digital ecosystems. Over time, such tools will allow districts to achieve full interoperability that can deliver on the teaching and learning promise of technology,” said Keith Krueger, CEO of CoSN.
CoSN’s new resources aim to minimize the confusion created when a variety of digital channels are used within one district. The spreadsheet template enables district customization while the user-friendly calculator doesn’t require any spreadsheet skills. Both tools can be leveraged by a school system to vet a new system or to estimate the cost of existing system pairings that are not interoperable. 
By generating ballpark cost figures, the resources should encourage educational leaders, particularly school district business officers, superintendents and school boards, to address the negative impact of siloed technology systems on district budgets.
“Interoperability is incredibly important for education system progress, but it’s also hard to get right. Our goal with this tool is to help our school districts measure the benefits that will come from the time, effort and resources required to reach the next level of data use maturity. We have a long history of helping school districts get there, and we see our work with CoSN on this tool as the next logical contribution to the education community,” said Matt Warden, CEO of Double Line.
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